Who was the first child born after operative procedure?

A. Caesar

B. Huxley

C. William

D. Pasteur

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  1. Which scheme is launched by the Govt. of India to make Indian Metros/Cities Slum free ?
  2. NIN (National Institute of Nutrition) Central Office is located at?
  3. Which of the following rivers does not flow in India ?
  4. Adolf Hitler was born in?
  5. Which state government recently launched Swachhata Saptapadi scheme in line with Swachh Bharat Abhiyan?
  6. Bhangra is very famous in this state-
  7. Which of the following is not the name of a country ?
  8. Myrmecology is study of?
  9. Which of the following resources is renewable one?
  10. Which of the following is not grown as a vegetable ?
  11. Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy is the present President of
  12. Who among the following is not a member of the newly-constituted advisory panel by BCCI to guide the…
  13. LPG stands for :
  14. Which club recently won record 4th Europa League trophy?
  15. Name the NRI scientist from the United States who has recently created a single molecule device that…
  16. India shares the longest boundary line with which of the following countries?
  17. Hemant Sonawala who passed away recently was a pioneer in?
  18. Which city in India is set to become the first Indian City to offer Google Street View?
  19. The Bengali actor who recived the "Dadasaheb Falke" award is
  20. Who was on 30 May 2015 re-elected as FIFA President?
  21. Which State is the largest producer of pulses in India?
  22. Which of the following is true about the Railway Budget 2012-13 finally passed by the Parliament?
  23. National Institution of Nutrition is located at?
  24. Who was recently appointed as Managing Director (MD) of Indias home appliances maker Whirlpool?
  25. Mauritius recently designated Ameenah Gurib-Fakim as its first woman president. Mauritius is a country…
  26. Which of the following books is written by V. S. Naipaul ?
  27. Who has recently won the Monaco Grand Prix Formula One (F1) World Championship title?
  28. Who was recently appointed as the next Cabinet secretary of the Union government?
  29. Name the only person to get Nobel Prize after getting Bharat Ratna?
  30. Droupadi Murmu, the former Odisha Minister was recently appointed as the governor of?