Wimbledon Trophy is associated with the game of

A. Football

B. Hockey

C. Cricket

D. Lawn Tennis

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  1. Jayalalithaa recently sworn in as the Chief Minister of which state?
  2. When the expenditure of the government exceeds the revenue, the difference of balance between the two…
  3. United States (US) in a landmark decision has recently removed which country from its list of State…
  4. Sensex is the Sensitive Index of
  5. BCCI has recently appointed which former Indian player to coach the India Under-19 and A teams?
  6. Which of the following is the capital of Manipur ?
  7. Doctrine of Lapse was introduced by the Governor General -
  8. Which is the capital of Nepal ?
  9. National Consumer day observed every year on _____?
  10. Who among the following is all set to become India's first transgender college principal?
  11. How many neck canal cells are found in the archegonium of a fern?
  12. Which of the following is an organic rock?
  13. Ameenah Gurib-Fakim was on 5 June 2015 sworn in as the first woman president of which country?
  14. In which year Bharat Ratna was instituted?
  15. Likud Party is a political organization in?
  16. Which of the following is not a renewable resource?
  17. The 50th state of USA?
  18. Which of the following is not a member of BRICS ?
  19. Which angiosperm is vesselless?
  20. Government on 13 May 2015 approved a ___% stake sale in the country's biggest refiner and fuel retailer,…
  21. IRCTC stands for :
  22. Famous Hawa Mahal is located in
  23. Who among the following is the Chief Election Commissioner of India at present?
  24. Trevor Bayliss was recently appointed as the new head coach of which country's cricket team?
  25. Who among the following is the Secretary of State (Foreign Minister) of USA at present?
  26. Which of the following organisations prepares topographical maps of India?
  27. What does the letter A denote in the term VAT, the name of a tax levied by the Govt. of India ?
  28. Which of the following statements is correct?
  29. Famous Ajanta Caves are in which state ?
  30. Who among the following is a famous cine actor/actress ?