You can use the formula palette to

A. Format cells containing numbers

B. Create and edit formulas containing functions

C. Enter assumptions data

D. Copy a range of cells

You can do it
  1. You want to track the progress of the stock market on a daily basis. Which type of chart should you…
  2. The Paste Special command lets you copy and paste:
  3. What do you mean by a Workspace?
  4. The active cell:
  5. To edit in an embedded excel worksheet object in a word document
  6. To activate the previous cell in a pre-selected range, press
  7. Without using the mouse or the arrow keys, what is the fastest way of getting to cell A1 in a spreadsheet?
  8. To select an entire column in MS-EXCEL, press?
  9. Edit >> Delete command
  10. Excel files have a default extension of
  11. To center worksheet titles across a range of cells, you must
  12. We can save and protect the workbook by
  13. You can use drag-and-drop to embed excel worksheet data in a word document
  14. Which of the following you can paste selectively using Paste Special command?
  15. How many characters can be typed in a single cell in Excel?
  16. In Excel, the Fill Color button on the Formatting toolbar is used for what?
  17. Which of the following is not a worksheet design criterion?
  18. How can you update the values of formula cells if Auto Calculate mode of Excel is disabled?
  19. While Finding and Replacing some data in Excel, which of the following statement is valid?
  20. The numbers in our worksheet look like this: You want them to look like this: $1,000.How can you accomplish…
  21. It is acceptable to let long text flow into adjacent cells on a worksheet when
  22. Which menu option can be used to split windows into two?
  23. You can convert existing excel worksheet data an charts to an HTML document by using
  24. Which of the following is not a valid data type in Excel?
  25. Excel probably considers the cell entry January 1, 2000 to be a
  26. Which of the following is the latest version of Excel
  27. How do you rearrange the data in ascending or descending order?
  28. Which of the following is not a term of MS-Excel?
  29. Which button do you click to add up a series of numbers?
  30. How do you display current date and time in MS Excel?