Indian Polity & Economy MCQ - Multiple Choice Question and Answer

Indian Polity & Economy MCQ with detailed explanation for interview, entrance and competitive exams. Explanation are given for understanding.

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Question No : 113
A motion of no confidence against the Council of Ministers can be moved in Lok Sabha if it is
supported by at least

50 members
55 members
100 members
One-fifth of total number

Question No : 114
The function of the Protem Speaker is to

Conduct the proceedings of Houses in absence of the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker
Officiate as Speaker when the Speaker is unlikely to be elected
Swear-in members and hold charge till a regular Speaker is elected
Checks if the election certificates of the members are in order

Question No : 115
The Comptroller and Auditor General acts as

The guardian of peoples liberties
The guardian of public money
The chief financial adviser of Govt. of India
All of the above

Question No : 116
Vote on Account is a grant voted/passed by Parliament

After the budget and grant has been voted/passed by Lok Sabha
Grant to manage the administrative work in Interim period till budget and grant for financial year are passed
Passage of account of expenditure is actually done during last year
Approval of account of public undertakings

Question No : 117
The defeat of Government in Rajya Sabha leads to

Its dismissal by the President
Resignation by Prime Minister
Advice by President to Prime Minister to relinquish office
None of these

Question No : 118
The Parliament or a state legislature can declare a seat vacant if a member absents himself without permission from the sessions for

30 days
60 days
90 days
Does not has this power

Question No : 119
The tenth schedule of Indian constitution deals with

Anti-defection legislation
Panchayati Raj
Land Reforms
Distribution of powers between the Union and States