Indian Polity & Economy MCQ - Multiple Choice Question and Answer

Indian Polity & Economy MCQ with detailed explanation for interview, entrance and competitive exams. Explanation are given for understanding.

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Question No : 29
For removing the Vice President of Indian from his office a resolution is initiated in -

The joint sitting of both the House
The Rajya Sabha
The Lok Sabha
Any of the two Houses

Question No : 30
Power and position of Supreme Court in India are very much like those of the highest court in


Question No : 31
Indian constitution contains

9 schedules and 300 articles
335 articles and 11 schedules
400 articles and 10 schedules
395 (444) articles and 12 schedules

Question No : 32
Of the following which is not the salient feature of Indian constitution

Lengthiest document in the world
Directive principles of state policy
Supreme Court
Presidential type of government

Question No : 33
Into how many parts the constitution of India divided


Question No : 34
In our constitution, Directive principles of the state policy aim at -

Free compulsory education for children
Equal wages for equal work for women and men
Equitable distribution of wealth
All the above

Question No : 35
Which of the following is not a specialised agency of U.N.O.

International Labour Organisation
International Monetary Fund
World Health Organisation
World Hockey Federation